2018 Beijing International Forum on People-to-People Friendship will be held

The "2018 Beijing International Forum on People-to-People Friendship ", sponsored by the Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Beijing Association for Science and Technology, the Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Committee and the People's Government of Xicheng District, will be held in Beijing from May 27thfor a period of three days. This forum will focus on the theme of "Promote and Strengthen People-to-People Friendship and Bond", showcase the achievements of cultural mutual learning, exchange the experience of urban governance, promote the young people of all countries to inherit the cause of People-to-People friendly exchanges, work jointly and actively from the People-to-People exchanges to serve the construction of Beijing into a first-class harmonious and livable international city.

The forum consists of the main forum, three panel meetings and a special event, focusing on "cultural heritage & development and international exchange & cooperation", "inheritance of friendship with youth relay", "strengthening urban governance and upgrading urban quality". Young representatives from China, Japan and South Korea will join in a workshop on interactive exchanges, innovation and business startup, win-win cooperation. During the forum, there will be a photo exhibition themed as “Understanding through Glimpses of Beijing” followed by a cultural tour.

Approximately 80 foreign participants of civil societies, organizations and representatives from sister cities of Beijing from about 30 countries including the United States, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, while representatives of embassies of the relevant countries in China, offices of international organizations in Beijing, foreign experts and students working and studying in Beijing, as well as about 200 representatives of relevant units in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, and council members of BPAFFC will attend the forum, totaling around 300 participants.

The Beijing International Forum on People-to-People Friendship was first held in 2011 and since then has been successfully held for three times as a biannual event. Since 2011 the forum has played an active role in reaching consensus, promoting practical cooperation and friendly exchanges among civil societies from cities of all countries of the world, holding on to its objective as friendly cooperation and common development. It has achieved substantial fruits in fostering people's friendship and facilitating the economic and social development of the capital city, thus has become a brand project of People-to-People’s diplomacy and an important platform for Beijing to carry out international exchanges and mutual learning with other countries in the world. Compared with previous editions, this forum becomes a better platform to provide wider range of communication with rich topics and activities. It follows the principle of frugality, pragmatism with prominent folk and international characteristics.

For more information on the 2018 Beijing International Forum on People-to-People Friendship, please visit the official website of the BPFFC, the "Beijing Friendship Association" WeChat public account or the forum special report website (http://zhiku.huanqiu.com/special/11/index.html).

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