Introduction to the Beijing International Forum on People-to-People Friendship

2018-05-21 10:52 环球网

  Beijing International Forum on People-to-People Friendship was launched in 2011 and held every two years. To date, three forums have been successfully held. The Forum has stuck to the purpose of friendly cooperation and common development since its establishment, and played a positive role in building consensus among people and promoting the pragmatic cooperation and friendly exchanges between Beijing and cities from other countries around the globe. Fruitful achievements have been registered in boosting the people-to-people friendship and advancing the economic and social development of the capital city of China. The Forum has become a brand project for Beijing’s people-to-people diplomacy, a significant bridge for building an international exchange center and the capital city’s economic and social development and a platform for people-to-people exchanges.

  The 2018 Forum will be held from May 27 to 31 at the China People’s Palace. This year’s Forum will keep the same aim of friendship, cooperation and development as that of the three previous sessions, stick to the purpose of friendly cooperation and common development and center around the theme of promoting people-to-people friendship and boosting connectivity among people. The 2018 Forum will present the achievements made on cultural exchanges, facilitate sharing on city governance experience, motivate young people from all countries to continue the cause of people-to-people friendship, forge ahead with joint hands to set examples of deepening people-to-people exchanges, and provide experience for the project of building Beijing into a world class harmonious and livable capital city. It’s estimated that 80 participants abroad will be invited, including some foreign experts, representatives from sister cities and friendship organizations. A total of 300 participants from Beijing, including representatives from related institutions and council members of friendship association, will also be invited to attend the Forum.

  The Forum consists of three separate forums and a theme exchange for in-depth discussions and exchanges on such issues as cultural inheritance and international cooperation, city governance and youth communication.